With a population of 153,827, Sunnyvale is the seventh largest city in the Bay Area. We’re a center of technology and innovation, but also a town of quiet family neighborhoods, strong schools and a diverse community of people. Smart, long-range planning has ensured that our City can sustainably offer the services, programs and facilities that make Sunnyvale a great place to live and do business. Our Department of Public Safety, a pioneer in the model that integrates police, fire and emergency response, has kept Sunnyvale ranked at the top of the nation’s safest cities.

The City’s park and recreation system boasts 23 parks; facilities for golf, tennis and swimming; a library; and an arts complex. Sunnyvale’s historic downtown, home to a variety of local eateries and merchants, hosts frequent art festivals, concerts and a year-round farmers’ market.

Almost 8,000 local businesses provide a rich mixture of goods and services, including many icons in tech, manufacturing, retail and R&D.

Bottom line: Our founders knew this was someplace special. The region has always attracted adventurous hard workers seeking opportunity and we’re fortunate that positioned Sunnyvale for success.

But while it’s true that our amazing location has always been a big draw, we also take immense pride in the thoughtful leadership and dedication to community that has made Sunnyvale the true heart of Silicon Valley.T

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