I offer a full service Real Estate Concierge campaign -

Where I Coordinate, Schedule & Manage the preparation of your home from start to finish! I  do not hold back on utilizing every medium to ensure that your home is ready and prepared for local, national and international marketing. I create a professional and unique marketing strategy for each property that I  bring to the market and Multiple Listing Service.

I understand that I am not just selling bricks and mortar, but I am selling a lifestyle, an education and an experience. Playing to the strengths of every home that is sold. I strategize to target buyers that have the means to purchase the home but also make sure not to neglect those that may not have the means but may have family and friends that do. I understand the power of timing, perception and playing to the unique aspects of a home.

Another luxury I can offer sellers through Coldwell Banker is our RealVitalize program. The RealVitalize Program is powered by HomeAdvisor and is an exclusive offering for Coldwell Banker Residential Realty clients that helps with home improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale. We cover your upfront costs and get paid back when your home sells.

No hidden fees, interests charges or markups. I will schedule the consultation, we can pick a time for projects that work best for you, and enjoy a smooth sale!

The home selling process will be enjoyable!

Get a market analysis of your home today!



When looking at a property, potential buyers look for a room that they can personalize. A few small changes can have a significant influence on the perceived appeal of your listing.


The difference between taking interior and exterior shots with a smart phone versus a professional photographer can alter the impression of your home to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers.


There is no better way for purchasers to appreciate the benefits of a house than to see it in person. Our Open Houses are the best method for potential buyers to see their future home.


With this era of social media opportunities, your home can be spotlighted in an amazing way. We will market your home accordingly on all social media platforms.